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Relax, Replenish, Reward Yourself

Relax, Replenish, Reward Yourself

Let’s face it – New York City doesn’t let you catch a break. From crowded morning commutes to late night overtime at the office, we’re all feeling the stress that being a professional in the Big Apple can bring.

So how do we cope with all that built up stress before crashing and burning? Of course your Aunt’s suggestion to move to the suburbs is a no-go, because we all secretly love the crazy rhythm and beat of the city as much as we love to hate it.

My advice? Take a day all to yourself. Pull a sickie if you have to (this is crucial to your health, after all)! Use that day to get to know the needs of your body and take care of it – physical, emotional and spiritual.

1)     Enjoy the outdoors. It’s summer after all, and with the air and noise pollution of NYC it will be a refreshing boost to your mind and body to breathe some fresh air and clear your head of the commotion. Check out some of the parks right here in the boroughs: BrooklynBridge Park, The Met Cloisters, Pelham Bay Park and more!

2)     Pamper yourself! Take the day to visit the Spa or get a relaxing massage. Eventsy will be there to help you in this endeavor with our Professional Women’s Pampering Soiree, July 12th.

3)  Turn off the TV, computer and phone and read a book! Studies show that uninterrupted technologyuse has been linked with higher stress and anxiety levels so, go ahead and pick up something other than your quarterly report to read and let your mind unwind and enter the world of fantasy and imagination.

4)    Meet a friend. Strong ties to friends and family are key to living a happy life, so be sure to give them a call or drop a visit, next time you have some time off. Or you can always bring them as your plus one to one of Eventsy’s exclusive events this summer! Check out our calendar right here.

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