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How to Network as an Intern

How to Network as an Intern

by Vanesa Valencia

After polishing your resume and rewriting dozens of cover letters, you finally landed an internship! Well, your hard work isn’t over…actually, it just started. Now that you have your foot in the door, it’s time to expand your connections. Here are a few tips to help you start:

  1. You’re working among 8.5 billion people…how can you keep up? Well did you know that there are actually hundreds of free or cheap events happening every day? Websites like The Skint, NewYorkEvents, and NY Free Guide have calendars filled with endless opportunities.
  2. Try joining online groups! LinkedIn has tons of networking groups, like NYCBNG where members not only post their own events, but share advice and tips with other members! Meetup is a great resource to find professional events, it’s all about what you search for!
  3. Maybe you’re not interning in your field of study. Regardless, you are working alongside experienced professionals. Your supervisor, the front desk host, the office next to you; everybody knows somebody! Don’t be intimidated to ask for advice- everyone started exactly where you are now.
  4. Luckily, Eventsy takes the hassle out of finding the perfect networking event for you. Our student membership gives you full access to every event on our calendar, and with over 10,000 professionals using Eventsy to their advantage, you will be crossing paths with the right people. These aren’t boring lectures in bleak offices, either. You’ll find us in only the best venues across the city, guaranteed.

Don’t let the word “intern” scare you- this is your chance! Use these resources to help guide you in the right direction, starting with 50% off an Eventsy student membership here!

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