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Our Events Aren't Interesting

Our Events Aren't Interesting

At Eventsy, our events are absolutely not interesting—because we don’t want them to be! Paraphrasing the wise words of our Guest Speaker from last night’s Power Networking, Power Pitching event, interesting doesn’t mean anything.

To a crowd of 60 professionals in media, entertainment, and technology, Jim Arnoff framed the concept through the example of going to a movie premiere. No director, as Arnoff pointed out, wants to hear that all of the hard work only amounted to something “interesting.” But careful word consideration is not only meant for critiquing a movie; the impression any networker starts off with is paramount to the success of the connections one leaves with.

Arnoff expertly worked the room to give each and every attendee the opportunity to introduce him or herself. So what were some of the common mistakes that earned a quick-witted callout from our coach for the evening?

  1. You aren’t interesting: Don’t share “interests,” share passions, share experiences, be exciting!
  2. You never try: Tell someone what you DO, not what you hope you could do, or think you might do.
  3. Your head isn’t that big: Name-dropping is okay! You want people to notice you, and specifics can only give you credibility.
  4. You aren’t lying: So don’t start your phrases with ‘honestly’ or ‘basically.’ Why give off the impression that you weren’t being authentic in the first place?

Take these tools with you as you plan for your next successful networking week. Here are the opportunities Eventsy has ready for you in order to hone your connection-making craft:

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