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Friends in High Places

Friends in High Places

Happy Wednesday, Busy New Yorkers! How many of you find that after the holiday season, you can’t help but feel a little down? Family has returned to distant homes, the days are dark and cold, and the shock of jumping back into the craze of a full work week might finally be catching up to you. How do you deal with it?

Well for Eventsy, we think the best way to deal with the downers is a few great connections. Next week we’ve teamed up with some old friends to provide you with content, career acceleration, and the chance to feel a little cheerier.

On Tuesday, January 19th, we start by kicking off a year of thrilling events at the new WeWork Penn Station with the incredible members of the M/E/T. Join media, entertainment, and technology professionals for an interactive coaching workshop led by a specially invited speaker (whose clients include the Writers Guild of America East and NYU). Learn how to power network and power pitch, and take advantage of the free beer along the way.

Next, try your luck at swimming with the “sharks.” Our Real Estate Networking Soiree is back on Thursday, January 21st. PropertyShark and Metropolitan Magazine will be there—will you? Join over 100 professionals in the real estate and affiliated industries for an evening of cocktails and connections in the luxurious Blue Room of the Hunt & Fish Club.

Last but not least, we’ve collaborated with the largest MBA event in North America to offer you one-on-ones with top business schools, access to $1.7m in exclusive scholarships, and more. The QS World MBA Tour returns to New York on Saturday, January 23rd to help boost your career. Did we mention? Admission is free to the Eventsy Network.

See you there!

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