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You Are Here

You Are Here

Imagine your life as the big standing map in the mall. No, seriously. Only, the map isn’t so much of an indicator of where things are, but when. The map is a timeline, and the ‘YOU ARE HERE’ star? That’s today. Think about today. What you have, what you want. Then, once you have that list, think about one year from today. What do you want to have then? Why? How are you going to get there? Who’s going to help you?

That’s the key to the new Eventsy Leadership Salon series. On Monday night (1/25), talented professionally certified coach Michelle Akin (a last minute switchover from Laura Westman, fellow PCC and the salon’s co-creator) took us through our year plan, helping us understand why we want what we want and how to get there emotionally. Coaches are, according to Akin, people who listen for a living and reflect back what they see. Sometimes that means asking you a question that you’ve never been asked before, or pointing out the way you’re undermining your own goals. It’s an emotional rollercoaster. It makes you focus on what matters. It’s draining and challenging and generally awesome.

Being coached is a unique experience, and being coached on how to achieve a tangible goal – in this case, getting your startup off the ground – is almost insane. Every person has a different story, a different path, and Akin was incredibly receptive to that. The small size of the salon allowed for personalized coaching in addition to broad advice that applied to everyone. We figured out our next steps together, and the sense of support that comes from a session like this cannot be oversold.

Biggest takeaway: It’s okay to forgive yourself for how things have gone so far. Don’t let the past or fears of failure overcome the good things in your journey. The good will always outweigh the bad if you let it.

contributed by Victoria Walters

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