Exclusive Networking Events for Manhattan’s Elite


Gaining Traction

Gaining Traction

How do Busy New Yorkers keep it up? Is it the bright lights? The crazy work schedules? The coffee shops on every corner? How do you find the resources (and the time) to continue gaining traction for your next best self?

These questions have inspired Eventsy to offer you a week of content and connections, eager to provide you with the velocity to expand professionally.

For our professional women: come make Eventsy history by joining us at our very first Women’s Empowerment Summit. Over 50 women from the greater NYC-area are coming together to experience new voices in power, leadership, authenticity, and personal development.

The summit’s panel, including coaches and leadership trainers, will expose our audience to topics such as Women and Other Women, Relating to Men, and Performance vs. Perfection. Join us learning how to honor your voice and trust your intuition. Complimentary wine and refreshments will be available to guests before the panel and during the networking portion of the evening.

Then as a premium member exclusive, we are inviting you to mingle with the real estate elite. Metropolitan Magazine’s Premiere Real Estate Panel & Networking Soiree takes place on November 5th, but only those with platinum member status will be joining them. Did we mention their networking host? – Ivanka Trump.

We will see you there!

3 Ways to Pick Up Speed This Week

1) Stay on top of your schedule! Plan your calendar ahead of time

2) Follow up with your efforts; Joining our summit? Gain an intimate experience two weeks later at the launch of our Leadership Salons

3) Literally get through your day faster by trying your hand (and pedaling) at a Citi bike

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