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Be A Leader

Be A Leader

Happy March, Busy New Yorkers! The start of a new month can be a pivotal one—how many of you have already sat down and brainstormed goals or areas of improvement for yourself? Have you been thinking about how to make yourself shine? With the many distractions that come with living in the big city, it is all too easy to feel like your voice is getting swallowed up.

This month at Eventsy, we have made it our mission to create the spaces for your best self to shine. From all encompassing summits, to intimate coaching salons, possibility is the greatest key to your power. Go be a leader:

After its phenomenal sold-out launch, Eventsy’s Women’s Empowerment Summit returns on March 8th in honor of International Women’s Day. Our powerful voices include women leaders from IBM, Manicube, and more. Join in on the conversation at WeWork Penn Station, and indulge in complimentary treats courtesy of barkTHINS and Roots Hummus along the way.

Seeking a more personalized experience? Professional Certified Coach, Laura Westman guides this month’s leadership salon, dedicated to customer service and HR professionals. Turn that service you provide to your company and its customers back towards yourself. Our salon offers over 20 unique tools, ranging from time management, career development, leadership coaching, and well being practices.

Stay empowered!

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